2 years ago

The North Face Exploring the Alps Project opens new route on Mont Blanc

Herv Barmasse, Iker and Eneko Pou have opened up a new route on the southern Italian face of Mont Blanc, the second of a trilogy of climbs within The North Face expedition, Exploring the Alps. The new route was opened on August, 1st, 2011.


2 years ago

Facebook's CastleVille/Castle Ville How To, Help, Cheats and Tips

This is a beautiful little app, it will save you hours of trolling through your neighbours posts to pick up gifts and do it all for you with no prompting while you do something else.

Once you set it running just leave the page open, it will read more...

2 years ago

Burushaski shepherd vocabulary of Indo-European origin.


The etymological analysis of Burushaski shepherd vocabulary shows that almost all the pastoral terms in this language are of Indo-European origin (some thirty independently of Indie and Iranian), with a significant prop read more...

3 years ago

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